COVID-19: Week 5

COVID-19: Week 5

After a nice long Easter weekend, week 5 felt like it flew by. The news this week seemed to jump from the horror of reality as the NHS runs out of PPE and the UK death toll climbs to over 15,000 whilst politicians in the UK and USA decided returned to their usual policy of lies, rejecting responsibility for their actions and a  disregard for human life. The results of strong leadership and early action in countries like New Zealand are really highlighting how much of an impact it can make.

Lockdown continues

Unsurprisingly, this week it was announced that the lockdown is now going to last for at least 3 more weeks – meaning we're now looking at a total lockdown of at least eight weeks. In reality, it feels likely that the lockdown will need to be eased gradually with this long period of working from home to remain in place for quite a while yet.

At work, we held our first company all-hands since the lockdown began for the CEO and his leadership team to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the business. The change over the last few weeks has been stark as consumer habits suddenly change and the retailers who stock our products now unable to open. However, digital services are doing well, with a significant increase in traffic over the last month. It feels like the next couple of months are going to be crucial and make the difference between some of the business and personal impacts from lasting months  to lasting years.

Heightening senses

We've continued our routine of heading out for a our daily exercise as a walk straight after work. I'm finding this helps acts as a great opportunity for a decompression period between work and home life, similar to reading a book on a commute. Walks this week have included some of our favourite local areas like Ravenscourt Park, Holland Park and the River Thames from Hammersmith to Chiswick.

As we do, we are increasingly aware of our ever-changing surroundings in ways we probably wouldn't usually notice at all. From the calmer streets and levels of the river through to the gradual seasonal changes in the environment. At the start of the lockdown we got to enjoy the cherry blossoms that were out in force and reminding us of our trip to Japan this time last year. Cherry blossom, along with daffodils have now been fresh spring colour including tulips and hyacinths. There has also been a noticable increase in animal activity with lots of squirrels around and little birds along the river and in parks filling the air with bird-song.

Swan standing on the edge of the River Thames in Fulham, London
Sun sets behind trees in Fulham, London
Tulips in bloom in Holland Park, London
Pink, purple and orange flowers in Holland Park, London

On a walk along the river on Friday evening we had our first rain for a couple of weeks which left a lovely freshness in the air. After this lockdown ends I want to ensure I continue to pay closer attention to our surroundings, with a greater appreciation for these little details.

River Thames from Barnes framed by trees
View of the River Thames at Barnes in London with a rainbow and birds in the sky after some rain
"After every storm, there is a rainbow." – a rainbow over Barnes after some rain